We build, test, launch and enhance top-notch complex web and mobile applications.

We put testing at the heart of software development to drive quality and create value by preventing defects before they impact your customers or your business.

In today’s world of complex, distributed systems, where customers expect 24/7 availability, you need to know your software won’t let you down.

Testing is a critical element in this. But one that’s often compromised in the rush to meet delivery targets. At ThoughtWorks, we believe in integrating testing into the development process and have a long history of test-driven development, continuous integration and continuous delivery.

GUI testing System performance
Application customizations Load testing
Testing Application’s functions Continuous Integration

Test automation services

Our approach helps your product benefit from software automated tests not only by increasing efficiency, but also by cutting overall costs and improving product quality. We believe automation can have a significant impact on the reliability of your software.

Selenium Performance Testing

Splinter Python

Manual software testing services

There are always cases where human impact cannot be replaced and manual tests are very handy to avoid significant risks and it can improve user experience. This is where our software testing house come in by supporting your web, desktop and mobile apps with the testing skills you need.

Integration testing Regression testing

System acceptance testing Functional testing

Testing documentation services

Non-functional testing can demonstrate how exactly each system works. We can give you proper feedback so you can make the right decisions for your product. To keep everything transparent and understandable we implement business reliable languages, a good start for automation tests.

Gherkin BDD

Test plans Reports

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